Since 1993

think tiny · live large

Design and project planning for your small spaces. 

At Funky Bunkies, we apply our expertise in home design and renovation to these small structures. Whether you’re looking to add more functional living space without the expense and mess of a large-scale home addition, or wanting to simply enjoy your own private retreat, we consider these tiny footprints and personalize each bunky design to suit the dynamic lifestyle of each of our clients.

Adding one of our Funky Bunky designs to your property is the absolute best option for a custom, affordable, and well designed space. We take you from concept to construction commencement- having you ready to enjoy in no time.

From the initial consultation process, owner and designer Jessica Flynn takes your stress away as she works to make your early concept a reality; and securing drawings and permits so you can hand over a comprehensive plan to your favourite builder.  Jessica will also come back to personally add the final funky flourishes to your dream bunky- leaving you to live large in your inspired tiny space.


Make your dream a reality.....

Funky Bunkies are your go-to project planners, paying special attention to each client’s particular municipal zoning and by-law regulations. Jessica isn’t afraid to get deep into the paper work to make your bunky dreams a reality, as she is passionate about growing our local communities, one gorgeous (tiny) bunky at a time.