1. How do I know if I can build a Funky Bunky on my property?

That’s EASY- invite me over for a visit!  Scheduling our FREE consultation kicks off the process for your project and covers discussion about the purpose of your space, design, and logistics/ zoning.

Simply get in touch with Jess at jessica@funkybunkies.com and the process from your end is simple! We will discuss the function and approximate size of Bunky you are looking for and then have you agree to allow Jessica to act as an agent on your behalf as she works with your local Municipality to see what guidelines we must follow to build your Bunky. Although each Municipality is unique, we can almost always come up with a design to satisfy both parties.

Once we have approval from your local municipality, you're ready to move forward with the build!

2. Are mobile Bunky designs available?

Contrary to what we see trending on our favourite home and garden shows and pinterest boards, current Municipal Zoning By-Laws in Ontario prohibit the building of structures on trailer beds, or the use of tiny homes on trailers as dwellings.

3. How much will my Funky Bunky consultation cost?

Funky Bunkies offers custom and detailed tiny space design and project planning. Each project cost is different, but the fee includes detailed 3D design, Architectural drawings and permit costs. Jessica can also be hired at an hourly rate to project manage your build, working alongside your builder.

*Note: When working with your builder, Bunkies typically run between $200-$300/square foot (where you fall in this range depends on seasonality, plumbing needs, and choice of finishes)

4. Are there incentive programs for rental units?

Live within Simcoe County and plan on using your Funky Bunky as a Secondary or Garden Suite? Visit http://www.simcoe.ca/ontariorenovates and see if you qualify for up to $30,000 of financing (accessibility grants also available).

Ontario Renovates - Simcoe County


Ontario Renovates (Home Repairs): The Ontario Renovates Program includes funding for urgent repairs, renovations, and accessibility modifications for low to moderate ...

5. What is included in my experience with Funky Bunkies?

Unlimited site visits to get the design details nailed down to your exact requirements.

  • 3D digital design walk through
  • Architectural drawings (to be submitted to your Municipality for permits, as well as for your builder to follow)
  • Building permits obtained (if required)
  • Comprehensive materials list and budget to be given to your builder

6. How do I get started?

Email me at jessica@funkybunkies.com to get in touch. The more information we get from you in the beginning, the more research we can do before our initial in-person meeting (done at your property and used as  a site visit)

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We look forward to hearing from you!