Detached Accessory Dwelling (Rental Unit)

Assuming your property is zoned to house a fully-equipped secondary suite, these bunkies can be used as long-term rental units, or can provide Grandma and Granpa with a Funky Bunky to call their own-  offering you the peace of mind of close proximity, while maintaining your individual routines. Got the zoning? Renting out a garden suite or secondary unit is a great way to fill a housing need in our coveted area, while providing you with some extra income each month.

Compact Commute

It's a remote-friendly world but it's still nice to have your own professional space. With the ever- increasing price tag on commercial rent, small business owners are looking for creative ways to set up shop in a space still outside of the home. Build this 8x16' Funky Bunky to consult with clients, hold (small) meetings, conduct research and Beautiful-Mind style brainstorming (and don't forget who got you set up when you come up with that multi- million dollar idea ;).

Recreation Station

Whatever your interests or passions may be, everyone deserves a space to call their own and let their inner artist/ sports nut/ yogi (you get the picture) shine! Want to avoid the process of securing permits for an 8x16' model? No problem- we can design your 108 sq. ft. space, without sacrificing the function or the funky factor. Let us help you design a Bunky to fulfill your every whim- check us out on social media to help spark your imagination!